My hair colors from last October until now. I love the purple, but I’m really itching for a change. I think this weekend I’ll be ready! What do you think I’m going to do? 😉

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Okay, sorry, but I’m in love with these new colors …

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Autumn colors by depechegurl

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Orange is the New Black: a summary

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Sunglasses and head and by @accentaria shot by @gregoriophotography #airicamichelle

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Happy birthday to my bud!! You make my life so ridiculously funny and I love watching you grow in the salon. I’m so proud of you, all the time. You’re my wittle itty bitty buddy. I loves you, Hollz! @hollzg 😘🙆🎉

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"Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You are responsible for your happiness."
- Isaiah Henkel (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
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Your cats reaction to the purple cat decoration makes me laugh. Its very cute.

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@uggoff is like my yoda. We decided if we ever met, there might be a black hole. But until then, I’m lucky to have a mentor like her.

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If you aren’t happy with what someone does for you at a salon, you need to let them know. It’s crazy the

Yeah most times it was too minor for me to say much, I just happened to stop going all together…

It sucks so much to hear people’s bad experiences at salons. I’ve been there. I was one of those clients who were never happy, which is why I’m so dedicated to making sure people are. Your boyfriend should never have paid for that haircut, and if they have a yelp page he should write his experience on it. The excuse “but the salon is too expensive” is BS to me (sugarsugar-dina this doesn’t have anything to do with you now) because your hair is the one accessory you don’t take off. 1) Hairstylists go through a LOT of classes and training which is why we charge for our services. It’s our time (most of my clients are color corrections taking 4+ hours), it’s our knowledge, and it’s a whole lot of color product as well. 2) We have bills to pay. It’s a job like anyone else’s. You probably wouldn’t haggle with your car mechanic or your dentist for being too expensive. You need that new battery or that cleaning. Same goes with your hair. I didn’t mean for this to go on a huge rant, it’s just something I’ve wanted to touch on for a while. I feel - as a colorist, and a good one - that we are so under appreciated and get shit because you’ve had a bad experience at a salon. That doesn’t mean someone else will mess you up. I hope this brings light to our side of the story.
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I don’t know how much longer I can wait to be red again.

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Lyrics tattoo of the Taking Back Sunday song Timberwolves at New Jersey.

Done by Squire at Trilogy Tattoos in Brandon, FL. 

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As a hairstylist it drives me insane seeing you give people advice on bleaching and coloring their own hair. I know your intentions are good but I can't stress enough how bad at home bleach and color is for you. I don't even want to know how damaged everyone's hair is from this! Everyone should consider going to a salon first! If nothing else please go to a salon when bleaching your hair! I have had to fix so many at home bleach attempts and seeing such damaged hair kills me!!




In a recent ask I recommended they get the bleach done at a salon or not at all (that light anyway) if the stylist(s) did not think the hair could be lifted without significant damage. Reading comprehension.

If they were hell bent on the color despite that, I recommended a few ways to test how the bleach would react to their hair before doing the whole head and I showed how I do mine. Which is totally botched obv /sarcasm

not everyone has $150+ to spend for two months of hair color. like, its not at all unreasonable to ask someone for advice on the internet when they have been doing their hair for  long time… Like… ive never botched a bleach job. because my mom has been bleaching for 20 years and taught me the ropes… I have had my hair fucked up by “stylists” I dont even have other people cut my hair anymore. definitely wouldnt let anyone near me with bleach. at least if I botch it I dont have to tip the person who did it and act like its ok

Ah yes the awkward “no, it’s fine, really… here’s money…” *Attempts to fix it at home later* And then they’ll never know it wasn’t what was wanted :c

If you aren’t happy with what someone does for you at a salon, you need to let them know. It’s crazy the amount of hair I need to fix because of at home color. Do some better salon research and find someone who knows what they’re doing.

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